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6 Shocking Facts About Diet Soda That Will Makes You Think Twice

In the 50s when diet sodas were introduced for the very first time. People considered the diet soda as a healthier alternative to the traditional soft drinks. Moreover, this new development brings a wave of happiness among the people who were suffering from diabetes of any type. But were looking for the better option which can help them enjoy the healthy sweet beverages. While the sugar intake may stay minimal. They did not know diet soda will lead to diabetic retinopathy.

But the presence of many producers of diet soda has come along with different problems. At present, researches are proving that consumption of diet soda is increasing the risk of diabetes and as well as diabetic retinopathy. However, Doctors are now trying to stop their patients from using diet soda. They are convincing to do so to their patients by telling them the major problems which are being caused by the consumption of diet soda.

1. Consumption of Diet Soda Can Spike Blood Sugar Level

Diabetic Retinopathy

It is the most obvious effect of the consumption of diet soda. Moreover, It is because diet soda is based on artificial sweeteners and ultimately can increase the blood sugar level according to a recent study.

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