This Why Famous People Make Hair Transplant in Turkey (and Maybe you Should too)

hair transplant turkey

When you take a stroll through Taksim Square, the center of the contemporary Istanbul, you’ll be amazed seeing a good number of men wandering around with their heads swaddled in marks of bright red color or bandages. These shapes usually make them resemble boomerangs stretching forth from one temple to the other at the crowns of their heads.

What is Hair Transplant?

Hair transplant is typically an exacting and often costly operation where a surgeon or a technician makes countless incisions right at the entrance of your scalp. He/she further removes the hair follicle from the rear and insert them into those incisions earlier made at the front. When this works, the outcome is the growth of new hair, and this is one of the ways of combating baldness.

What Everybody Needs To Know About Hair Transplant in Turkey

In recent times, the land of Turkey has emerged as one of the most visited and even the most preferred destination for hair plant all across the world. At some point, you’ll continue to wonder why hair transplant in Turkey is worth billions of dollars with the influx of the countless number of patients coming in on a monthly basis.

Obviously, Turkey has attained this top position owing to numerous reasons, but the main reason behind this status is the affordable cost of hair transplant in Turkey.

Usually, hair transplant in other developed countries costs a huge amount of dollars, and it would cost you up to $18000 for the procedure alone. However, this procedure only requires about $2000 in Turkey. This vast difference and has been a significant reason why Turkey receives a large turnout of patients for hair treatment a monthly basis.

Looking through your heart, you might be having some questions pertinent to the quality of treatment offered in Turkey for this cheap cost. However, the quality of treatment provided in Turkey is undoubtedly the best as they are equipped with the world-best surgeons and medical personnel. These surgeons are well equipped with immense knowledge and expertise of all aspects across this field.

Apart from that, when it comes to conducting hair transplant surgeries on patients, hair transplant clinics in Turkey are well-equipped with the state-of-arts infrastructures coupled with the most advanced techniques.

With the number of hair transplant surgeries being carried out on a daily basis, there is no doubt that the surgeons in Turkey hair transplant clinics have a vast wealth of knowledge and experience making them capable of producing the best.

Why You Need to Choose Turkey for Your Hair Transplant

As we have mentioned earlier, one of the reasons why you should head to Turkey for your hair transplant is the affordable hair transplant cost. Hair transplant in Turkey isn’t just a medical procedure, many of the clinics specialized in hair transplant often offers package deals to prospective patients.

You’ll be supplied with a private driver who would bring you from the airport down to your hotel. The clinic would have booked your hotel, so there isn’t any reason to worry especially about the costs of transportation. The clinic would handle all cost incurred.

Cheap cost of hair transplant has remained the only avenue to draw the attention visitors to Turkey. In the aftermath of several attacks and failed coups, tourism has declined over the years. It has never regained its strength except in one sector; And yes, that’s the hair transplant tourism.

The reasons why the cost of hair transplant treatment is cheap in Turkey owes to the fact that there are lots of competitions in the city’s clinics. Therefore, many of these clinics are willing to take extreme measures in order to ensure that the costs of the hair treatment procedures are brought down so as to attract clients especially those looking for cheap deals. The accommodation provided to each patient is entirely free of cost.

Post Hair Transplant Surgery: What You Need to Know

Typically, hair transplant surgeries and treatment procedures does not require any additional care and precaution. All that is needed is to stick to the basic routine of avoiding going out when the day is hot. Also, you have to cover your head with a hat in order to protect it from pollution and dust.

More so, you might be advised by the doctors to sleep in an upright position. This is part of the procedures in getting the swelling subsides and as well protecting the graft. In addition, the scalp should be kept clean at all times by shampooing regularly.

There you have it! Perhaps few of the things you need to know about Hair Transplant Surgeries in Turkey. However, it is essential that you read the reviews of hair transplant centers in Turkey before your final decision on which one to visit.

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