Diabetes : The Hidden Risk In Your High Insulin Levels

Hyperinsulinemia and Men's Health

Diabetes means a chronic state in which the body has unusually high levels of sugar (glucose) in the blood stream.
Insulin could be a endocrine that helps the glucose get into your cells to convey them energy.

Insulin is not only a blood sugar regulating hormone, but also it plays other roles in the body. Its effects can be noted and felt in other functions of the body. It performs a variety of important functions that are vital to the body.

In the event that the body is not being able to produce the hormone insulin, the blood sugar levels rise to a high level resulting to hyperglycemia. Raising and falling of insulin levels in the body is normal.

It becomes problematic when the levels of insulin are at a high over a continuous period of time. Too much of something is poisonous no matter how beneficial it is to the metabolic functioning. Insulin is no different.

High level of Insulin or Hyperinsulinemia brings about several health issues in men specifically. These include:


Research has shown that having chronic hyperinsulinemia in men results to a higher chance of male pattern baldness. Losing hair is not just about the scalp and hair only, but it is an indicator that there is a problem deep within the body. Young men exhibit mainly this characteristic of high insulin level

It is important to note that, not all men that are balding have hyperinsulinemia and neither are all men that have hyperinsulinemia lose their hair. The genetic predisposition of men that carries the alopecia gene, are more likely to lose their hair because of high insulin level compared to those who do not carry this gene. Having a lifestyle audit and watching what you eat can help minimize hyperinsulinemia and consequently evade balding or stop it altogether.

Erectile Dysfunction

Hyperinsulinemia increases the risk of developing hypertension and other cardiovascular diseases. This leads to an impaired flow of blood to all the major and minor arteries in the body. In addition, the small blood vessels that carry blood to the penis are damaged. What follows is the inability of the veins in the penis to vasodilate. When there is no blood flow, then it is needless to say there will be no erection.

Erectile dysfunction becomes a nightmare to the man’s health. The good news is that the man remains fertile but, with good management of insulin levels, erectile functioning can be restored. Where fertility may be compromised, a physician will guide you on that after screening.

Benign Prostrate Hyperplasia

This is a condition that results in the enlargement of the prostate gland. Since Insulin is a hormone that promotes growth, too much of it makes the prostate to enlarge.

Pain when urinating characterize the sign of BPH when urinating, frequent urges to urinate, being unable to completely empty the bladder and straining when urinating.

Changing your lifestyle is important for BPH treatment . If not caused by old age or stress related, then it is highly likely that it is as a result of hyperinsulinemia. With proper dietary changes and proper medication to stabilize insulin levels, BPH can be treatable.

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