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Premature Baldness in men, how can you prevent it?

Baldness or Alopecia refers to a partial or complete absence of hair. In general, this problem affect most often men. Here are the causes, symptoms and treatments to fight against baldness.

Causes of Baldness

Baldness is not just about men. This pathology affect Women also that comes into play in adolescence and midlife. This is caused by a large number of factors.

Too much fatigue, also known as asthenia, can lead to hair loss. As soon as the body feels this fatigue, the organic system connected to the cranial hair weakens causing the decrease in secretions of hormones and blood fluid.

Stress causes the proliferation of pituitary gland that produces androgens, the worst enemies of the hair. This pituitary gland results from emotional shocks, family or professional tensions.

Iron deficiency which amounts to less than 40ng / l of blood in the body. Indeed, iron is an essential element because it is useful for red blood cells to strengthen tissue manufacturers hair by guaranteeing an acceptable level of oxygen.

The mass presence of testosterone accelerates the excessive pushing of the hair and modifies the natural cycle of your hair. This action tires the scalp, which makes hair extremely thin and inevitably leads to baldness. The hair stops growing, hair on foreheads and gulfs become almost nonexistent.

Heredity is the leading cause of alopecia in men. If your parents have a balding skull, beware baldness is not far off. This is androgenetic alopecia that appears between 25 years to 35 years.

Unbalanced diet and permanent medication can also be factors that lead to baldness.

The symptoms of Baldness

If the fall does not exceed 1000 hairs a day, no risk or danger.

Conversely, it is the harbinger of a beginning of alopecia. The precursor sign is a dysfunction of the birth-growth circuit and death of the hair.

In men, several areas undergo baldness: tonsure, forehead, temples, swirl and toupee. As soon as these alarming signals appear at these levels, seek the advice of your doctor.

In general, the glands of the temples begin to lose themselves. This area must be the first to be checked thoroughly and regularly.

The forelock is the second area that deserves special attention.

The third zone is the front. The hair that grows on it disappear completely or partially backward.

In women, the signs are especially visible on the hair line. The hair falls and stops growing again. If you notice that the line becomes thin and then clear, consult quickly your doctor who will prescribe you various analyzes and examinations to make.

The different types of Baldness

Baldness is a scourge that spares no one. It can begin at the age of 14 or in particular 40 years.

Hair loss is and remains a dermatological abnormality. To date, there are seven types of baldness:

Diffuse Alopecia or effluvium affects the entire scalp and not a small part of the skull.

The known causes of this type of baldness are disorders of the body that result from chemotherapy, radiotherapy, or lack of iron.

Androgenetic Alopecia is an abnormal pattern of hair loss in both males and females. The higher the androgen, the higher the risk of baldness.

As soon as the frontal line recedes and the forehead becomes bare, it is a premature sign of baldness.

Alopecia Traction or Alopecia of the bun is a growing hair loss due to a hairstyle too tight or pulled back.

Emergent Baldness begins with baldness . The hair at the back of the skull becomes thin and tends to disappear.

Early Baldness appears very quickly at the time of adolescence. Golfs are first on the list.

Hereditary Baldness where the genetic transmission of the man or the woman plays an important role. The cells of the scalp become dry due to excess of male hormones.

 Seasonal Hair Loss illness, fatigue or pregnancy with each change of seasons are the causes.

Preventive measures against baldness

It is decisive to know the causes to fight against baldness.

Reduce stressors as much as possible. This forces us to lead a calm life with a mandatory break between two activities, if possible away from the noise, enough sleep at regular hours.

A sleep of 7 to 8 hours a day. The best is to fall asleep early to get up early.

Adopt a healthy and balanced diet or iron intake with foods such as: watercress, beetroot, pulses, liver, oysters, soy, tofu, red meat and non-cereals refined. Do not forget the black pudding which is one of the richest foods in iron .

Integrate these foods into your daily diet and you’ll see the benefits as you go.

We can manage these habits and therefore adopt a healthier lifestyle, unlike causes beyond our control such as heredity, high testosterone, medication and problem pregnancies. If you follow these previous recommendations, you will know how to avoid baldness.

Existing treatments and solutions

To fight against baldness, there are several types of treatments:

  • The Simple Actions of Everyday Life

Since prevention is better than cure, you can now take simple steps to keep your hair healthy and strong longer.

To begin, avoid too aggressive products for the hair such as the abuse of dry shampoo, dyes or gels.

Opt for a mild shampoo with neutral ph. You can even precede its application by a delicate massage of the scalp from the neck to the top of the skull. The blood circulation thus stimulated will make the scalp more receptive to care.

  • Cosmetic and Pharmacological Treatments

You can buy specific food supplements like Phytophanere , Phytoselba laboratories, formulated to strengthen and promote hair growth.

You can also provide you with fall arrest lotions sold in the shops and pharmacy.

  • Drug Treatments

A dermatologist who has assessed the severity of your hair loss may prescribe medication.

Minoxidil-based hair lotions slow down hair loss by slowing down the capillary cycle.

Finasteride tablets are an anti-androgen inhibiting the activity of the 5α-reductase enzyme that harms the life of your hair.

But these drug treatments have important side effects, such as loss of libido, to take into account. Medical surveillance is mandatory.

  • Hair Transplantation

If it is already too late to save your hair with simple gestures and specific treatments, you can appeal to aesthetic medicine.

The technique of Hair Transplantation is to collect healthy hair pieces at the crown of the head (where they are “eternal”) to graft on the affected areas. A transplant can fill any lack of hair, and this at any stage of baldness.

But you have to be careful about choosing a very good doctor who can imagine how your hair should evolve in 20, 30, 40 years for a natural result.

  • Skull Tattoo

For men in denial, you can always get a tattoo dotted on the head to give the illusion of a skull shaved by choice. For reasonable men, we recommend the ball to zero.

An effective and complementary cocktail that stimulates the hair when it begins to show signs of weakness.

This combination is also recommended following a hair transplant to stimulate the regrowth of grafts.

In summary, solutions to remedy your premature baldness are available to you, the inevitability does not exist.

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