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4 Things you Need To Do if you Want to Lose Weight Now !

Time to start that diet

In the increasingly sedentary world we live in, it is easy to let yourself go and forget about your health.

Whilst gaining weight is in no way something that should make you feel ashamed, this can be unhealthy for some.

Whether you want to lose weight to boost your self-esteem or to improve your health, the first thing you need to do is to get started. To help you finally push through with this plan, you need to remember these 4 things:

Discipline is Key to Lose Weight

The moment you decide to lose weight is the moment that you set your goal. This in itself is a good thing and an integral part of achieving your target. In spite of this, the key to reaching your goal is to stick to your plan.

Yes, we know how working out and eating right can take its toll sometimes, and this can cause you to quit or cheat. However, as former heavyweight boxing champion puts it,

“Discipline is doing what you hate to do, but nonetheless doing it like you love it.”

So, even when you feel like not following through with your weight loss plan, push yourself to do it with enthusiasm and passion.

Trust the Process

Everyone who is at the top went through a similar process as you are now. Just think of singer-actress Jessica Simpson, who gained weight yet, was able to regain her figure.

“Focus on the process,”

is what Jessica’s trainer, Harley Pasternak always tell his clients.

This way, you are savouring every stage of the process whilst keeping your eyes on the prize. This makes your success much more hard-earned and worth-it.

Pain is Part of it All

Yes, you might feel all kinds of pain along the way, especially when you are working out. However, always remember that every muscle and muscle ache is simply part of the process.

To help you understand it better, personal trainer Jillian Michaels tells you to “get comfortable with being uncomfortable.”

Never forget that all this pain will pay off once you achieve the best version of yourself.

Keep Yourself Healthy

Whilst it is only natural that you will get uncomfortable during the process, you do not have to put negative pressure on yourself.

There is no need to work and starve yourself to death just to achieve what other people have.

According to fitness trainer and writer Kayla Itsines,

“Your best weight is whatever weight you reach when you’re living the healthiest life you actually enjoy.” 

Your target weight should be one that allows you to be fit enough to look good and feel good, whilst also loving the life you are living.

Once you achieve this state, then you can say you are the best version of yourself.

With reminders motivational weight loss quotes from these inspiring individuals, you are on your way to achieving the version of yourself you want and deserve. Remember, nothing beats being able to flaunt your assets whilst also leading a healthy lifestyle!

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